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Closed System Aquaculture

Growing fish in Mountain Spring water is not something many fish farms are able to do. Hawaii is known for some of the world’s most sought after fish because of its clean and pristine environment. Kohala Mountain Fish Company is a Split tank, closed, recirculating system fish farm that produces tilapia year round in the mountains above Kapa’au Hawaii. Sitting on the slopes of the oldest volcano on the Big Island and being in one of the most productive farming communities in the State, we use our two mountain springs in all stages of growth. We meet all HACCP requirements as well as all USDA and EU certifications and apply all BAP standards.

  • Grown in mountain spring water
  • All waste is repurposed in agricultural projects
  • All processing has QC controls in place
  • Highest grade feeds with no whole corn

Frozen Tilapia Filets

(sold per item.)
Fish Type

Kohala Mountain Tilapia

Tilapia is a firm white fish with a mild, slightly sweet flavor perfect for baking and pan frying. The fish is enhanced with simple seasonings and cooks quickly. Butter, herbs and citrus, say no more. The Kohala Mountain Fish Company, is a closed-system aquaculture tilapia fish farm. It includes a hatchery, nursery grow tanks, processing facility, and a water filtration system. Water from the fishery is filtered and feeds into the taro patches located below it.


Fresh Fish weigh 3/4 - 1 lb and are various colors. You can get either gills and entrails removed (G&G) no scales. Perfect for grilling or pan frying. Very popular for lu`au and large parties or Whole fish with scales. Great presentation whole as an entree.

Frozen Filets are either Individually Vacuum Packed (IVP) and frozen or are Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) and packed loose in the box.

Sold direct to you by Kohala Mountain Sunfish

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