Wholesale Orders Only (For now!)

Big Island Fish currently accepts wholesale orders, only; we look forward to selling fresh fish directly to all buyers again soon!

Fresh Hawaiian Fish

Ono - Wahoo
11 lbs at $6.50/lb: $71.50
Ono - Wahoo
11 lbs at $6.25/lb: $68.75
Black Mediterranean Mussels
Kona Shrimp
Pacific Oysters
Live Ezo Abalone
Fresh Kohala Mountain Tilapia
Kanpachi Filets
Kanpachi Whole Fish & the Good Bits
Ogo - Edible Seaweed
Frozen Tilapia Filets
Whole Lobster
Fresh Ono Filet, by the pound

Fresh Hawaiian Groceries

Ribeye Steak
Butcher Cut Pork Chops
New York Strip Steak
Micro Green Collection
Free Range Chicken Eggs
100% Kona Coffee Estate Grown
Fresh Salad Mix
Avacados, by the pound

Buy fresh fish directly from Hawaiian fishermen

Iki Jime

Iki jime is a 200 year old Japanese method of fish harvest that is humane for the fish as well as insuring the highest quality filet available. Once the fish is brought on board it is stunned to unconsciousness. A thin spike is then inserted into the brain, killing the fish instantaneously. The fish is then bled on deck, rinsed off and put into an ice cooler. The resulting filet is clean and bright and the taste if far superior, it even has a longer shelf life so one can take advantage of the greater range of textures and flavors.

Shinke Jime

Shinke jime is the next level of care above Iki Jime. It follows the same method but adds the final step of running a wire through the spinal cord of the fish. This extra step slows down the cellular use of ATP and reduces the lactic acid in the fish while at the same time allowing for a greater umami flavor and fantastic texture.

Sustainability. Traceability. Transparency.

You know exactly when your fish was caught, who caught it and where it was caught. We make every extra effort we can to get you the highest quality fish and in return you get the freshest fish possible while supporting the local fishermen! Every single one of us has come from a long line of fisherman, we plan to pass this lifestyle to our grandchildren.