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Olakino Hawai’i


“Olakino Hawaii"

"Ola" which means life & health and "Kino" which means Body, put together the combination of both becomes "Olakino" The Health and vitality of the body.


Olakino Hawai’i was created in Waimea and was inspired by the heritage Waimea farmers that have been farming throughout the generations that Olakino’s owner and founder, Trey Yoshizumi grew up watching. Trey speaks about these farmers with such admiration “the Nakano’s, Hirabara’s, Nakamotos, I wanted to find a way where I could give back to them and the kupuna of there generation to help there “kino” so I decided to start farming microgreens”. 


Microgreens have  20-40 times the nutrients of a mature plant, this was reason enough for Trey to start farming microgreens for his community and kupunas. “It’s something easy for them to eat and eat in small quantities while still having major health benefits”. 

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