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Waimea Butcher Shop


Over the course of his 20-year culinary career, Mills Stovall dreamed of one day opening a Michelin Star-quality fine dining restaurant. Then one spring morning, that all changed. His daughter Hali'a was born and suddenly the critical acclaim that once fueled him didn’t seem to matter. What did matter was being able to sustain his family and their community. He had in mind a butcher shop that helped farmers and ranchers get their meat to market without sending it to the mainland, providing people with a reliable and friendly source of fresh, local, hormone and antibiotic-free meat from Hawai'i Island.

Mills and his wife Kamalei opened Waimea Butcher Shop, LLC, in 2017. Waimea Butcher Shop is a specialty butcher shop and deli in Waimea, Hawai'i, that specializes in local grass-fed beef, pork, lamb, and house-made charcuterie. They only partner with ranchers and farmers who share their respect for the land and the animals that feed them. In honoring traditional butchery and respect for the animal, they use the whole animal. Meats are sliced-to-order, cuts and varieties will vary based on daily availability, and artisanal sandwiches are available as well. They offer a delicious and sustainable alternative to conventional meat and bring back the relationship the community once had with their butcher.

Fresh, Local Hawaiian Food

Ribeye Steak
Butcher Cut Pork Chops
New York Strip Steak
Tri-tip Beef Steak
Filet Mignon
Dinner for Six, 3 Day Weekend
Smoked Brisket
T-bone Steak
Stew Meat
Ground Beef
House Made Sausage
Seven Butcher Meals
Thick Cut Bacon
Osso Buco Shank, per pound
Breakfast for Four, 3 Day Weekend
Fresh Hawaiian Chicken
Lamb Rack