Day Boat

Fish was caught in near shore waters from a small motor boat using Hawaiian lures or live bait.

Fresh-caught Rainbow Runner (In port )

We're sorry, this fish is no longer available. Visit the fish market for the freshest catch.

Rainbow Runner

Elagatis bipinnulata - This is a sushi quality fish that is seldom seen on restaurant menus. Translucent flesh that is best cooked with gentle heat or high heat, short duration. We know you will like this fish. Money back guarantee! These fish have two bright blue lines running across their flanks. They have long, slender bodies and can swim at high speeds. They form schools that swim near the surface near shorelines, where they feed on smaller fish and crustaceans. THIS FISH COMES SCALED, HEADED AND GUTTED ONLY, NO FILETS. Usually 5# or less per fish